The Architecture of a Witch’s Hut

The Wassaic Project, New York

Photography Subodh Samudre


The Architecture of a Witch’s Hut is the first installation in a new body of work looking at feminine identities and mythologies in our cultural framework. Acknowledging the role that symbols play in shaping our ethos and defining our values, the work reimagines the traditionally denigratory symbol of the witch, and in doing so, seeks to question our cultural relationship to women.

The Architecture of a Witch’s Hut reclaims the witch as a powerful and independent symbolic female figure providing for her own needs in a society not structured to allow her to thrive. It reconceives the witch’s home as a woman’s sacred space and a safe place for her radical self-expression.

Embodying the aims of the project, the work was built in seven days by the artist alone. The project culminated in a ceremonial burning of the structure, set in the New England region where historic witch-burnings took place.

Reclaiming fire from a destructive and violent force to one of healing and regeneration, the performative burning intended to regenerate the notion of the witch as an emboldened feminine role model and invited the audience to bare witness to the artist’s own process of self-empowerment as a young woman coming to terms with herself and her role in this world.



BREAK at the 64th Blake Prize, Sydney

Guest Performances by artists Machiko Motoi, Adam Gottlieb and Liz Hogan

Photography Kai Wasikowski








Ritual Gathering (Marking Time) at the 64th Blake Prize

















BREAK at Culture at Work, Sydney



BREAK is an interactive installation that attempts to reconnect art and ritual within a contemporary Western context. It examines moments of collective ritualised behaviour concerned with the creation and destruction of totemic or sacred objects. BREAK was created at Culture at Work, an art and science research institute in Pyrmont, as part of an Emerging Artist Residency Program which Georgia Saxelby was awarded. It was presented at the Accelerator Gallery at Culture at Work as a solo exhibition curated by Elyse Goldfinch in July 2015  with a special guest performance by artist Machiko Motoi.


Ritual Gathering (Marking Time) at BANG: Art from the Future, Sydney


Ritual Gathering (Marking Time) is part installation, part audience-driven performance and explores the social function of both ritual and art in contemporary society. It aims to transform a modern birthday celebration into a powerful symbolic event. It was born from an investigation into the ancient and spiritual origins of our seemingly-secular commonplace celebrations. Ritual Gathering (Marking Time) was presented at BANG! Art From The Future – an emerging artist exhibition celebrating the work of twelve recent National Art School graduates in conjunction with Spectrum Now Festival at Pier 2/3 in March 2015. Review by Elizabeth Little on the arts blog The Near And The Elsewhere

Photography: Anna Cuthill



The Modern Ritual

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