Happy International Women’s Day 2015!

G.Saxelby, Propel, 120x160cm

Georgia Saxelby, Propel, 2013, acrylic on board, 120 x 160 cm

This work, entitled ‘Propel’, was an attempt to depict a sense of primal feminine strength. I felt I had to turn to ancient cultures for inspiration because it is so difficult to find powerful and complex representations of feminine strength in today’s visual culture. In many of these ancient times and cultures, women were honoured as unstoppable forces of creation and destruction, their roles not just valued equally but admired deeply. Luckily, I am now in the business of visual culture, along with a slew of talented, intelligent women artists with who I am privileged to be peers. Propel we must, and we will. Happy International Women’s Day. May we one day no longer have the need to raise awareness about the significant role our women play in society because of its overwhelming obviousness.

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